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Your privacy is our concern

ALTERRA GRUPO INMOBILIARIO, S.L. from here on collectively and interchangeably named as “ALTERRA HOMES”, “Us”, “Ours” or “We”,

We consider people’s privacy to be important, both that of visitors to our website (from here on referred to as ‘website’) as well as those of anyone else who provide us with information, whose data are treated by “ALTERRA HOMES” as part of the provision of services (henceforth and jointly referred to as ‘you’ or ‘the user’ or in the plural form as ‘you’ or ‘the users’.

In this respect, “ALTERRA HOMES” commits to the treatment of your personal data in accordance with data protection laws that are applicable and in effect at that time. In particular, “ALTERRA HOMES” will comply with the premises established in the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13th December 1999 relating to the Protection of Personal Data and Royal Decree 1720/2007 of 21st December, which approves the regulation for the development of the aforementioned Organic Law, as well as those of the EU Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation), and including any other applicable regulations at the given moment.

On this basis, “ALTERRA HOMES” explains our Privacy Policy, with the objective of informing users about how their data is processed, as well as making them aware of the fundamental principles of the protection of personal data which are applicable. In spite of this, certain services provided or those which may be provided in the future on the website could contain specific conditions of use with provisions in terms of personal data protection, which prevail over this Privacy Policy.

With reference to the previous point, we urge all of our users to read this Privacy Policy with care, with the aim of informing themselves of the norms and practices that we have established to protect personal data and to be better aware of our relationship with third parties who may have access to these data.

In any case, the user is the only party responsible for the information given on the website, and if in the future “ALTERRA HOMES” wishes to use it for reasons that are different to the ones previously stated, we will inform you of these new reasons and will seek your consent as required.

Upon use of our website, you confirm that you have read and accept our Privacy Policy of cookies and our Legal Notice.


1.              Who is the data processor?

Contact details of the data processor:

ALTERRA GRUPO INMOBILIARIO, S.L., with N.I.F (Tax number) B-64.544.356, located in C. Balmes, 152 5º 4ª, 08008 Barcelona and with email address


2.              What are the users’ data protection rights?

Users can exercise the following rights:

·       The right to request access to personal data: you may ask if “ALTERRA HOMES” is processing your data, and if so, you may access them.

·       The right to have inaccurate data rectified, or to complete any incomplete data.

·       The right to have your data erased.

·       The right to request limited processing of your data: in this case we will only preserve data for the exercise or defence of complaints.

·       The right to object to processing of your data: “ALTERRA HOMES” will cease to process your personal data, with the exception of when it is necessary for us to continue to use the data for a lawful reason, such as the exercise or defence of potential complaints.

·       The right to data portability: in the case that the user wishes for their data to be handled by another data processor, “ALTERRA HOMES” will facilitate the transfer of their data to the new data processor.

·       The right to not be subject to a decision based solely on the automated processing of your personal data.

·       If you have provided your consent for any specific purpose, you may withdraw it at any time, without this affecting the lawful processing of data based on the consent given prior to its withdrawal.

In any case, in the moment in which the user exercises their right to the deletion of data, all personal details linked to the account, as well as the information and content integrated into their profile, will be cancelled. Additionally, in the case that the user exercises their right to delete their personal data so that “ALTERRA HOMES” can provide website services, “ALTERRA HOMES” will be obliged to terminate their relationship with the user, proceeding to the user to unsubscribe from services without any right to complaints.

To exercise their rights, users should send a form of written communication to the registered office of “ALTERRA HOMES” or to the email address indicated in the first section of this Privacy Policy. In both cases this should include a photocopy of their National Identity Document (DNI) or an equivalent identification document.


3.              How can I present a complaint to the Spanish Data Protection Agency?

You may use the templates and forms concerning the rights mentioned in the previous point on the Spanish Data Protection Agency’s official website (

Complaint to the Control Authority: if you consider “ALTERRA HOMES” to be using your personal data in an inappropriate manner, you can direct your complaints to ALTERRA GRUPO INMOBILIARIO, S.L. or the corresponding control authority (in Spain this is the Spanish Data Protection Agency).


4.              In what cases do we gather personal data about you and what kind are they?

On the basis of the present Privacy Policy, ‘personal data’ is considered to be any information that identifies you or information relating to you personally that could be used to identify you, for example your name, address, telephone number or email address. If you decide to provide us with your personal data, “ALTERRA HOMES” will keep the details that feature in each one of the forms that you fill in or that are provided to us in different emails addresses that “ALTERRA HOMES” have at your disposal to keep in contact with us.

These data are processed whenever you interact with “ALTERRA HOMES” and our representatives; when you participate in or request to take part in any activities related to “ALTERRA HOMES”, such as the provision of services; when you interact with the website whenever personal data is provided as is described in this Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy; upon signing up to our web page or using certain features without signing up, such as participating in any interactive services.

a)     Personal data on our web page obtained from your computer or electronic device:

·       Cookies, only for

If you require more information on “ALTERRA HOMES” use of cookies, please consult our Cookie Policy.


5.              How do we utilise users’ personal data?

“ALTERRA HOMES” communicates to the applicable users that the personal data provided to and stored by us will be identified in the Registro de Actividades de Tratamiento (Record of processing activities), under the name of “ALTERRA HOMES”, being used with the intention of:

·       Responding to consultations or requests for information that users may carry out;

·       Providing our services in accordance with the Legal Notice;

·       The use or provision of services, in the case of prior registration of the user, in accordance with the general conditions of use of the website and the specific conditions of particular services;

·       Personalising and improving tools and features of the website, as well as guaranteeing its technical functioning;

·       In the case that the user has ticked the corresponding box for such purposes, keeping them informed through the sending of notifications or newsletters via email and/or other electronic media, the content of which will principally deal with our services, activities, projects, updates and new features of the website.

·       Using them for any other requested means or means permitted by the applicable legislation or for which you have already given your consent.


6.              Why do we process your personal data?

“ALTERRA HOMES” can process your personal data based on any of the following legal grounds: (A) legal commercial means; (B) when you have given your consent; (C) whenever it is necessary to comply with any legal obligations or regulations of “ALTERRA HOMES” and (D) whenever it is necessary for the fulfilment of a contract of which you form a part.


7.              Who can access your personal data?

Depending on the purposes for which your personal data is collected, the following people may access the aforementioned information:

·       Authorised staff of “ALTERRA HOMES” or representatives acting in the name of “ALTERRA HOMES”, subject to the applicable data protection laws.

·       Regulatory authorities or other third parties in conformity with the applicable laws.

·       Third parties (service providers who process information as data processors under the instructions of “ALTERRA HOMES”). All of this is only after having carried out the necessary measures to ensure that we can share the aforementioned information in compliance with the applicable data protection laws.

We will not sell or divulge personal data that you have provided to us via the website or that could identify you either directly or indirectly to third parties.


8.              Where are your personal data processed?

“ALTERRA HOMES” will not carry out the transfer of personal data outside of the European Economic Area (EEA). In the case that any transfers should occur, “ALTERRA HOMES” will do so in compliance with the applicable data protection laws. Regardless of the place where your personal data are kept or processed, “ALTERRA HOMES” will safeguard and guarantee that the service providers maintain the appropriate administrative, technical and physical security measures to protect your information.

For more information on contract models on the part of “ALTERRA HOMES”, please contact us at


9.              How do we protect your personal data?

“ALTERRA HOMES” maintains security levels for the protection of your data as required by the Royal Decree 1720/2007 of 21st December, which approves the regulation of the aforementioned Organic Law on Protection of Personal Data and other related rules of application in force at the time, and has established all technical measures available to avoid the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorised access and theft of the data that the user provides through the web page.

In any case “ALTERRA HOMES” will take technical measures and adequate organisational steps, both when designing the data processing systems and also in the moment of processing said data, in order to preserve security and to prevent any unauthorised processing. However, despite the diligent implementation of such measures, the user should be aware that Internet security measures are not impenetrable.


10.           How long will my personal data be stored?

“ALTERRA HOMES” processes your personal data during the necessary period to comply with the objectives established in this Privacy Policy, as well as to preserve your personal information in compliance with the rulings of the pertinent laws and regulations.

The criteria we follow is determined by:

·       The purpose of collected data and the compliance of said purpose.

·       The reasons for which the data is collected, for example in the case of consent, which you may withdraw in any moment.

·       Periods of obligatory storage according to contractual regulations and policy frameworks.

Keep in mind that in some cases “ALTERRA HOMES” is obliged to preserve certain data about you.


11.           Confidentiality

The professionals who work for “ALTERRA HOMES” and that have had some kind of involvement in the services provided to the user are obliged to not divulge or make use of the information that they have accessed. In any case, the information supplied by the user will be considered as confidential, and will not be used for other means which are related to the management of requests and the services contracted by “ALTERRA HOMES” in its case. In this regard, we are obliged to not divulge or reveal information about the user’s intentions, the motive behind the requested services or the duration of the relationship with the user.


12.           Social media

“ALTERRA HOMES” has a presence in some of the leading Internet social media networks and also acts as a data processor in relation to the data published by “ALTERRA HOMES”.

“ALTERRA HOMES” will process the data in each social network according to the rules established by each social network. Hence, and as long as “ALTERRA HOMES” does not decide otherwise, we will be able to inform our followers on the corresponding social media sites about our activities, events and other related items, including the attention of the follower, through the channels which the network provides for that purpose.

“ALTERRA HOMES” will not extract any personal data from social media unless the user grants their express permission.


13.           Special category of personal data

We will not gather nor process any particularly sensitive personal data or that which is included in the special category of users’ personal data, unless they have been explicitly provided by the user. Special categories of personal data allude to information related to race or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious beliefs, genetic information, biometric data for the sole reasons of the identification of a physical person, and information about your health, sex life or sexual orientation.


14.           Policy of children’s use

This website is not designed for, nor directed at children under eighteen years of age (18), without the authorisation of parents or a legal guardian. In this sense, we deliberately do not collect information on such people. In any case, if parents or legal representatives consider that their children or wards have submitted personal details without parental consent, please write to us at


15.           Direct marketing

We do not use users’ personal data for the purposes of direct marketing without express prior consent.

If in any moment you decide you want to stop receiving commercial or promotional information from “ALTERRA HOMES”, you may, with no additional charge and without having to provide written justification, unsubscribe from direct marketing campaigns and object to the future processing of your personal data for these ends by sending us an email to or by pressing the opt-out link (unsubscribing) in the email subject line. You can also use the process to unsubscribe in any promotional message that you receive from “ALTERRA HOMES”.

Keep in mind that although you may decide not to subscribe or that you unsubscribe from promotional emails or newsletters, we may need to continue to contact you in reference to important information of a non-commercial nature, such as to resolve an issue, the detection and prevention of errors or general communication to comply with the Legal Notice and/or website terms and conditions.


16.           Automated decision making

We will not use automated processes, including profiling, unless you have explicitly authorised us to do so. In this case, we would inform you of the rationale involved in this decision, as well as the meaning and consequences of the aforementioned processing for you.


17.           Links to other websites

In “ALTERRA HOMES” websites there are links to other websites that we consider to be potentially useful and informative for you. Notwithstanding, please keep in mind that we do not endorse or recommend the content or services of these websites, nor are we responsible for their individual privacy policies. We strongly recommend you to bear in mind and read the privacy policies of all websites that you visit. Remember that what is indicated in this Privacy Policy is only applicable for data received and/or processed by “ALTERRA HOMES”.


18.           Modifications and integrity of our Privacy Policy

We will only use your personal data according to what is established in the Privacy Policy that is in force in the moment in which your personal data is collected. “ALTERRA HOMES” reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy in any moment, and will publish any such modifications on our website; for this reason, we recommend our users to visit the website every time you access the Privacy Policy. If in any moment we decide to use your personal data in a different manner to which was specified in the moment in which they were obtained, we will communicate this to you via email, provided that we have the means to do so. In this moment we will give you the option to authorise other uses or disclosures of your personal data that you had given us access to prior to the modification of our Privacy Policy.

In the case of any clause of the present Privacy Policy being annulled or considered null and void, the rest of the conditions will not be affected and will maintain their validity, in attention to the current regulations in application in each moment.


This Privacy Policy was last updated in August 2019